Streamlined, Simplified & Automated Case Administration

TrustWorks is the only software solution for automating the administration of restructuring and liquidation cases that comes with completely integrated banking, claims management, workflow tracking, and complex distribution capabilities. Easy to incorporate, user friendly and intuitive, TrustWorks  streamlines case administration while eliminating the errors common to data maintained in shared spreadsheet files.

TrustWorks is built on flexibility to support the needs of a variety of fiduciaries, including:

  • Liquidating and Post-Confirmation Trustees
  • Receiverships
  • Disbursing Agents
  • Plan Administrators
  • Assignees for the Benefit of Creditors

TrustWorks  provides Fiduciaries with:

Streamlined Case Administration and Claims Management

TrustWorks  helps you manage cases and claims both effectively and efficiently, saving you considerable time and effort.

  • Withhold specific claims from distributions, allowing interim disbursements on allowed claims during the distribution process

Easy Document Management

TrustWorks  includes our proprietary QuikDocs  module which allows you to navigate and organize your case files, for easy access, viewing and printing.

  • Locate, retrieve, organize and archive documents and case files
  • Receive instant notifications of new files available, and immediately retrieve the most current documents with a simple click
  • QuikDocs centralizes a variety of file types and enables you to search, append, and print those items
  • Case documents can be automatically displayed and distributed through a BMS Web Portal

Integrated Banking Services and
the BMS Banking Support Team

BMS has allied with Rabobank, N.A. part of the Rabobank Group—one of the world’s safest banks for over 10 years—to provide you the most robust, secure banking services available… without any banking fees.

  • Open and close account, write checks, transfer and wire funds, and stop payments… all directly from TrustWorks
  • The industry’s only Banking Support Team is focused exclusively on our client’s banking needs

Automated Check Generation

  • Automatically calculates each claim and generates the check
  • Easily print check to your office printer 

Distribution Services

Our distribution services can create, print and mail large volumes of checks for you for a nominal fee—freeing you and your staff to focus on other key issues. The result? Increased productivity and lower operational costs.  Services available with your checks include: 

  • Mail-merged, personalized transmittal letters
  • e-Signatures

Learn more about making TrustWorks  a key component of your restructuring and liquidation cases. For additional information, or to schedule a demo, complete the online form to the right.

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TrustWorks has been a major help to me in my claims management. One of its best features is that it allows me to set different categories for claims. I can research a claim by case name or number within the categories I’ve established—and even by subset number. And the expanded notes section is particularly valuable, as it allows me to record and track the progress of each claim. TrustWorks definitely makes my work easier!”

Hank Spacone, The Henry Group Sacramento, CA

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