Depository Services for Corporate Restructuring Professionals

Safe, Secure, and Fully Supported

BMS is renowned for our consistently high level of superior integrated banking services and support. Through our relationship with a network of leading banking partners such as Rabobank, N.A., part of the Rabobank Group—one of the world’s strongest and most secure financial institutions, BMS brings you the next generation in depository services for our fiduciary clients—one with increased accessibility, superior services, and unparalleled support. What sets our integrated banking apart is the we partner with banks to provide each of our clients with highly-personalized and responsive banking services and support.


BMS Depository Services provide Fiduciaries with:

Timely Banking with Anytime Access

Manage funds through our software at any time:

  • Write checks and manage banking ledger
  • Request interim bank statements and review monthly statements
  • Reconcile bank accounts quickly and easily

Streamlined Transactions

Comprehensive management of your bank account, using straightforward tools:

  • Access information for multiple accounts
  • View current daily balances
  • Download account data
  • Perform a wide range of essential banking services with just a few clicks

Exceptional Security

You are protected when banking with BMS – with all measures utilized to ensure the security and protection of our clients.

  • All deposits are FDIC insured 
  • Chapter 11 funds in bankruptcy exceeding $250,000 are collateralized for even greater security – at no cost to the estate

Banking Relationships with the BMS Banking Center

Although BMS offers banking services through a variety of banking partners, our clients have their banking relationship with us; through our dedicated, in-house Banking Center—the only one of its kind in the industry.

  • Our in-house Banking Center Team is focused exclusively on our client’s banking needs 
  • Renowned for providing prompt, responsive and outstanding support 
  • All BMS Banking Center Team Members are experts in fiduciary account requirements and rules
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We completely rely on BMS in our business—their Integrated Banking Solution is especially good for tracking payments and available balances. In addition to being a great software and banking solution, we know that if we run into any problems, we can always count on speaking to a real person, not a recording, when we call the BMS Banking Center for assistance—and that means a great deal to us.”

Christopher L. Picone, President,
Picone Advisory Group, LLC
Chicago, IL

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