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Chosen by More Chapter 7 Trustees than any other Software

Developed by BMS, CaseLink Office  was the first software solution for Trustees offices to manage Chapter 7 bankruptcies with a focus on automating and streamlining routine tasks for greater productivity and profitability. With ongoing innovations in its development over the years, CaseLink Office remains the industry leader. From petition to distribution, CaseLink Office  is the most comprehensive solution available for seamless workflow throughout the bankruptcy lifecycle.
CaseLink Office | The Leading Case Administration Software Solution

CaseLink Office  provides Trustee offices with:

Peace of Mind

The CaseLink Office platform is used by some of the largest trustee offices in the country. These power-users truly test the limits of case administration each and every day and they choose to use CaseLink Office year after year for one simple reason—it just works .

  • CaseLink Office has been used by Chapter 7 Trustees for over 25 years
  • As new rules are enacted, BMS supports every requirement and introduces new enhancements 
  • CaseLink Office is the gold standard for case administration that others can only envy

The Most Robust Feature Set in the Industry

All of CaseLink Office’s  features have been designed in direct consultation with our clients, so you get the productivity benefits immediately upon using our software.

  • Automated imports and scheduled claims matching 
  • Electronic bank reconciliation and e-Filing 
  • Case exports for 341(a) meetings 
  • Merge documents and custom reports

… if you need it, CaseLink Office has it!

Automated Document Retrieval & Management

CaseLink Office  captures, retrieves and archives ECF documents and case files, and automatically compiles and sends reports to and from the court.

  • Completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook® 
  • Navigates and retrieves documents by case name or number 
  • Documents are stored in our special QuikDocs  document management module

Simplified Claims & Asset Administration

CaseLink Office serves as your administrative organization tool, by simplifying the claims process and administration management.

  • Downloads, imports and automatically verifies claim and asset information from the court for more efficient administration and management
  • Provides automatic notification of new claims and cases available for import

Streamlined 341(a) Preparation

CaseLink Office allows you to completely customize your 341(a) prep worksheets, including your set of questions.

  • Organizes and prepares your 341(a) notes
  • Automatically upload and sync 341(a) meeting results
  • One-click, e-filing feature—eliminates manual submission of documents to the court

Unmatched Service and Support

As a CaseLink Office user, you also get the unmatched service and support that made BMS famous:

Integrated Banking Services and
the BMS Banking Support Team

BMS has allied with Rabobank, N.A. part of the Rabobank Group—one of the world’s safest banks for over 10 years—to provide you the most robust, secure banking services available… with new, lower fees.

  • Open and close account, write checks, transfer and wire funds, and stop payments… All directly from CaseLink Office
  • The industry’s only Banking Support Team is focused exclusively on our client’s banking needs
Experience the most robust software solution for Chapter 7 Case Administration and Management—CaseLink Office.  For additional information, or to schedule a demo, complete the form to the right.

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CaseLink Office has improved our productivity—allowing us to better track assets and claims, as well as automating our reports—and has streamlined the Chapter 7 summary process.”

John A. Northern, Chapter 7 Trustee
Chapel Hill, NC

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