Case Studies: CaseLink² Users

BMS is proud to serve over 50% of Chapter 7 trustees nationwide in practices both large and small with all of their case administration needs. Browse our case study library to discover why you too should make BMS your partner for bankruptcy case administration success.

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Trustee Assistant Uses 2 Different Cloud-Based Software Platforms; Discovers Faster Workflows in CaseLink²

A trustee assistant who works for two different trustees—each using a different case administration software platform—is discovering much more productive workflows and saved time with CaseLink², plus in-depth support from specialized staff with bankruptcy knowledge at BMS.


DocLink | Communicate and Collaborate to Streamline 341(a) Meetings


California Chapter 7 Practice Discovers Web-Based Flexibility & Productivity Increase with CaseLink²

From CaseLink Office, to CaseLink Web, to CaseLink², Trustee Sandra McBeth and her assistant, Donna Earnest have increased their productivity by 100%.

 TrustWorks | Simplified and Automated Case Administration

New York Chapter 7 Practice Finds Web-Based CaseLink² a Great Booster of Productivity

Trustee William Leberman and his assistant, Karen Barber, were curious to try web-based software. With improved accessibility and workflows, they have since found their most productive practice using CaseLink². 


Idaho Chapter 7 Practice Switches Software Providers, Discovers Improved Workflows with CaseLink²

Trustee Noah Hillen and his assistant, Debbie Rodriguez, switched to BMS from another vendor and have since found true software satisfaction with industry-renowned support from BMS, as well as a robust platform to meet their needs, CaseLink².


California Ch. 7 Practice Switches Software Providers, Discovers Most Up-to-Date Practice with CaseLink²

Switching from a previous software vendor’s stagnant platform to BMS was like night and day for Trustee John Roberts and his assistant, Fran Rothwell. With CaseLink², their practice is more up-to-date and flexible than ever before.

BMS iBanking | Banking Info On The Go

Power User Breezes through Audit, Discovers Improved Productivity and Organization with CaseLink²

Trustee Ed Mazel and Trustee Assistant Phyllis Stice were early adopters of the web-based software platform from BMS, and after years of excellent responsiveness to their requests, they could not be happier with the continual delivery of better processes and solutions – including CaseLink².


Power User Delighted to Find Cloud-Based CaseLink² Easier to Use with Large Firm’s Strict IT Policies

CaseLink power user Michelle Montoya – paralegal for Utah-based Trustee Michael Thomson – wanted a software that was secure enough for her large firm’s stringent IT guidelines but also easy to get into and work with. CaseLink² turned out to be just the solution.


Kentucky-Based Trustee Discovers Easier Management of Case Life Cycle with CaseLink²

When Kentucky-based Trustee Alicia Johnson went on panel in 2012, she wanted a software that was flexible and robust enough to fit her busy workday and make the case lifecycle more seamless. Today CaseLink² fits her needs exactly.

Corporate Restructuring | Flexibility Built-in to Manage any Liquidation

Maine Trustee Switches from Other Vendor’s Software to Discover More Efficient  Practice with CaseLink²

Trustee Nathaniel Hull in Maine is a tech-savvy Chapter 7 professional who independently administers his cases. After struggling with another vendor’s inefficient software platform, Mr. Hull is sailing smoothly with CaseLink².

BMS Integrated Banking

Washington Chapter 7 Trustee Switches from Other Vendor’s Software, Now Administers Cases with Ease in CaseLink²

Trustee Donald Thacker in Washington state thought upgrading his software with a previous vendor would make him more productive – but it only led to disaster. Now with CaseLink², he has complete peace of mind.


Washington Chapter 7 Trustee Seeks Reliable and Easy-to-Use Software, Finds Perfect Solution with CaseLink²

Trustee Charlie Carlson of Washington wanted a secure and reliable platform after struggling with a former vendor’s buggy software. With CaseLink², he has found true software satisfaction.


QuikDocs - Easy, Efficient Case Document Management


Trustee Returns to BMS, Discovers “Best of All Worlds”

After switching back to BMS from another software provider, New Jersey-based Trustee Christine Shubert says she has the best of all worlds— productivity-enhancing CaseLink² and exceptional, personalized support.



Colorado Trustee Says it’s a “No-Brainer to Switch to CaseLink² by BMS

Chapter 7 Trustee David Wadsworth from Denver, CO, felt stagnated by his former vendor’s slow software and support. After switching to BMS, Mr. Wadsworth’s practice is speeding up with CaseLink² and excellent service.



North Carolina Trustee Says Mobility & Ease-of-Use provided by CaseLink² is a “Necessity”

Chapter 7 Trustee James Lanik of North Carolina wanted a web-based software with all of the functionality he had enjoyed in his original platform, CaseLink Office. With CaseLink², Mr. Lanik’s bar has been met, resulting in a more productive practice.